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Forestry Fund

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     The forestry covers an area of 69 812.49 decares, which is 20.40% of the territory of Dve Mogili Municipality. The bigger part of the forestry - 62 854.157 decares or 90% is public property and 6 958.333 decares or about 10% is municipal property. The share of forests owned by physical persons is negligible and practically has no effect on the local economy.

     Total forest area by settlements

Settlement Total Area Public property Municipal property
Dve Mogili 2499,569 878,356 1621,213
Baniska 9177,684 8589,995 587,689
Batishnitsa 2237,992 1879,773 358,219
Bazovets 8089,865 7555,755 534,110
Karan Varbovka 10710,77 10279,934 430,836
Katselovo 9624,199 9327,044 297,155
Mogilino 7078,999 6359,515 719,484
Ostritsa 8209,514 7707,817 501,697
Pepelina 2703,852 2127,832 576,020
Pomen 4531,639 3936,844 594,795
Chilnov 2756,558 2224,742 531,816
Shirokovo 2191,846 1986,547 205,299
69812,487 62854,157 6958,333

     In the structure of the forests dominate deciduous trees - acacia, tilia, oak, quercus, maple, cornus mas, hornbeams and others. Around the settlements and the precipitous terrains there are more coniferous trees - white pine, black pine and smaller quantities of spruce. On the territory of the municipality as a result of afforestation activities along the riverside of the rivers Cherni Lom and Baniski Lom there are many poplar trees: poplar, willow and elm. Under the trees there are growing amorpha and blackberries. On some places these bushes cover 90 -100% of the area.

     The forestry fund in the municipality is controlled, managed and administered by the Public Forestry "Byala" DS. It is in the town of Byala and administratively belongs to the Regional Forestry Directorate - Ruse.

     Wood-processing industry /carpentry, furniture/ does not have a significant effect on the local economy because of the low number of companies in this sector.


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