Община Две могили

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     The following rivers flow through the territory of Dve Mogili Municipality:

     the Baniski Lom River, which flows into the Cherni Lom River near Shirokovo village, continues through Pepelina village and flows into the Rusenski Lom River; they are technically pure rivers, because there are no industrial enterprises in their aquatic environment, which could pollute them with untreated industrial water.

     The Baniska Dam, the biggest one in Ruse District is between the villages of Baniska /Dve Mogili Municipality/ and Koprivets /Byala Municipality/. It is a catchment of rivers from Popovo Municipality and Byala Municipality.

     Some of the abandoned fishponds in the Municipality are leased and rebuilt and used for fish production.

     The company responsible for the water supply in the Municipality is ViK Ltd. – Ruse with a representative office in the town of Dve Mogili. The water sources are in the villages of Batin and Pepelina. Baniska Pumping Station supplies the villages of Pomen, Mogilino and Baniska. The villages of Katselovo, Karan Varbovka, Ostritsa, Bazovets, Chilnov and Batishnitsa have their own water sources, which are enough for their normal water supply.

     There are 12 intake basins with a total capacity of 5110 m³.

     The water sources in the Municipality are 13 with a total flow rate of 102 l/s.

     By legends from the 19th century the healing properties of the water at St. Marina’s Monastery near Karan Varbovka village have been confirmed. They are proven by many people who have been cured mainly from eye diseases and disease of the urinary system. The water is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate and with calcium and magnesium. It has been researched a lot and now the water is bottled and released for sale in the trade network.

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