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      The soil type is chernozem (black earth), which is good for all kinds of crops. Topsoil that is the cultivable land of the area consists of carbonate chernozem, medium leached chernozem, typical chernozem, diluvial meadows, rocks, etc..

      The cultivable farmland is 188 576 decares and it is about 55% from the total area of the Municipality. It is rich, humus and good for cultivating all species of agricultural crops.

     Dve Mogili Municipality has no potential sources of heavy metals and petroleum products that polite the ground since there are no industrial enterprises.

     With the introduction of plans for land division three types of forest ownership were definite - public, municipal and private property.

     According to the latest data, the total amount of forests is about 70 000 decares, as deciduous wood dominate, mostly acacia.

     Cleaning and clear felling mostly for providing firewood to the population is done periodically according to preliminary plans authorized by Public Forestry – the town of Byala.

     Softwood is mainly in the Public property and it is used only at exigency.

     On the territory of Dve Mogili Municipality there is a great variety of plants and animals, most of which are along the Cherni Lom River. From the animal species that are object of hunting there can be seen mostly hinds, rabbits, deers, wild boars, imperial eagle, pheasants and viper. Recently because of the irresponsible hunting of these species their population is greatly decreased. Cherni Lom's valley is a natural reserve for different herbs - tutsan, colt's foot, thistle, speedwell and others with valuable biological properties.


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