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     Regarding the air pollution, Dve Mogili Municipality is not considered as a polluted area.

     There are no industrial productions with negative effect on the air. The only pollution in the area comes from the household heating during the winter. This leads to the release of dust, soot, and sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere.


      Dve Mogili Municipality is within the area with temperate continental climate and because of that it has the best expressed continental climate: hot summers and cold winters, great annual amplitudes of the temperature and highlighted summer precipitation maximum. The climate here is formed under the influence of air masses, which come from temperate latitudes - oceanic and continental. The average annual temperature is 12 degrees centigrade. The global warming during the last decades is affecting the climate all over the country's territory, respectively in the Municipality.

      Rainfalls are changeable. The largest amounts fall in the summer, and the least - in the winter. In the autumn, winter and in the early spring rains have variable character and they are more continuous, while in the summer they are short and pouring. The first snowfalls start in November and the last ones - in April.

      Northeastern and Southwestern winds are prevalent winds with almost an equal share. Northern, Northeastern and Southern winds have the lowest repeatability. Approximately 1/4 of the year there are no winds.


     The territory of the Municipality characterizes mainly with flat terrain, which is cut by deep and short glens. The geological structure is formed by two types of construction slabs - otski limestones and loess sediments. The limestones set up the core of the area and they are at a depth of more than 25 m.

Geological characteristics

      The geological profile of the terrain in depth is:

  • First layer - cultural layer of bulk materials and plant soil with average power from 1,50 m to 2 m;
  • Second layer - first loess horizon, made of microporous whitish brown clay loess with power of 2,50 m.

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