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     Filip Totyu was born on 10 April 1830 in the hamlet of Gartsite, today part of the village of Voneshta Voda, near Kilifarevo, Veliko Tarnovo Province. He spent the last years of his life in Dve Mogili.

     During the Renaissance till the War of Liberation a lot of people from the mountain villages, suffering from a misery and hunger, tried to make a living in the field, where they thought that they can ensure their food. They came here to work as builders, carters, coopers, etc. During one century only in Dve Mogili settled down 70 families. A lot of Filip Totyu's friends and relatives came here. His brother Valcho and his sister Aglika, together with their mother Ivanka, came to live in Ostritsa village. In this period Filip Totyu was in one Romanian prison. After the Liberation the voivode came back to Bulgaria. His home, which he voluntarily sacrificed in the name of the people, was gone.

     In the beginning of 1885 he worked as a keeper of the municipality. In the same year he bought 16 decares farmyard next to the Cherni Lom River. He built a small house, made of wattle fence and plastered with clay, where he used to live alone. He made a big orchard. The house is kept until 1870. The local people called it “the voivode house”.

     Ostritsa village was not good enough place for active life for the old rebel. Liberty, for which he gave his best years, did not satisfy him. At about 1892-1893 Filip Totyu bought a house in a neighbourhood called H. Musa - Ruse, but he did not stay to live there. In 1895 the voivode, well advanced in years, got married to a woman called Velika. They went to live in Dve Mogili. For several years they used to live rent together with their friend Rayko Vodenicharov there. In the yard of the house of Velika's father they built a beautiful Balkan-styled house.

     His age and life full of great tension prevailed. On 22nd March 1907 his rebellious heart stopped beating. He was buried in the church yard - a sign of the greatest respect and gratitude to him. Many people from Dve Mogili, Ruse and other places went there. Panayot Hitov made a funeral speech, in which he said: “The Ottoman Empire horror has died”. Now a monument is raised above his grave. In 1973 the grateful descendants built a majestic monument in the centre of the town. The huge bronze statue of the voivode forward looking reminds of his wild and worthy life.

     In honor of the 150th anniversary of Filip Totyu and 1300 years since the Bulgarian county has been founded, the house in which this indomitable Bulgarian spirit has lived and where his big heart has stopped beating is now turned into a museum.

     Tel. +359889 582 500
     Address: House-museum Filip Totyu,
     the town of Dve Mogili, Post code 7150, Dve Mogili Municipality, Ruse Province, 3 Filip Totyu Str.

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