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Social Assistant

     The main purpose of the “Social Assistant” service is to provide employment for unemployed people and to give part-time work for appointed people, pensioners and students and increasing their engagement by providing social services to vulnerable groups of people. Another main purpose of the service is increasing the quality of life of people with disabilities by providing help for meeting their daily needs and organizing their free time, as well as making activities for their social participation.

     The “Social Assistant” is a person, who provides a number of services, directed to social work and consultations of the customers. The services are also related to satisfying the necessity of organization of their free time and making contacts.

     Activities performed by the social assistant include:

Help in communicating and maintaining social contacts, entertainment and activities at home and outside
1. Organizing meetings with friends, relatives, celebrating birthdays, namedays and other holidays
2. Reading daily newspapers and literature
3. Accompany to cinema, theatre, concerts, etc.
4. Accompany to a walk
5. Accompany when visiting clubs, circles, etc.
6. Accompany when visiting a church
7. Helping with growing and keeping up garden and indoor plants
8. Organizing activities according to their interests (chess, backgammon, dominoes, etc.)
9. Borrowing and returning books and video cassettes from libraries, video clubs, etc.
10. Providing company through communication
11. Taking care for the people and providing mental (emotional) comfort of the client
Administrative services
1. Assistance when giving documents in pension department, Social Assistance Department, the Municipality, etc.
2. Assistance when providing the necessary aid for people with disabilities
3. Assistance when making the necessary documents
4. Courier work
Medical services
1. Assistance for hospitalization, help in the hospital, if necessary
2. Measuring the blood pressure
3. Accompany the client to a doctor
4. Tracking and helping when taking medicine, prescribed by a doctor
5. Accompany and taking care for the client’s health when taking a walk

     For using the "Social Assistant" service customers pay a monthly fee based on their personal income from the previous month and the hours of help which they actually used.

     The service is provided after a secured and approved for funding project.


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