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Operational Programme Rural Development 2007
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 00:00

Dve Mogili Municipality will apply with three developed projects under the Rural Development Operational Programme 2007-2013 to the State Fund Agriculture. 

After the first compliance check of documents, in the Paying Agency of Ruse was submitted a project developed to Measure 321 - Basic Services for the Economy and Population in Rural Areas for improvement of the municipal road network in Dve Mogili Municipality and replacement of the street water pipes in the villages of Chilnov and Buzovets. Total project budget is 5.9 million levs (excluding VAT).

By measure 322 of the Rural Development Programme Dve Mogili Municipality developed a project for reconstruction of the road network, pavements and squares in the villages of Mogilino, Pomen, Baniska, Buzovets and Batishnitsa. Total project budget is 1.956 million levs.

Also by measure 321 the Board of the Community centre in collaboration with the municipal administration has developed and submitted to the Paying Agency of Ruse a Project "Improvement of the cultural infrastructure in Dve Mogili Municipality and providing conditions for better cultural services in the Community centre "St. St. Cyril and Methodius - 1919 " – Dve Mogili”. The project will provide overhaul of the roof and reconstruction of the community center’s building. Total project budget is 387 596.00 levs.

For renovation of the cemetery park in the town of Dve Mogili, reconstruction and repair of the chapel and secondary building in the graveyard, the Local Initiative Group applies with a project under Measure 322. Total project budget is 370 000 levs.

Since the beginning of the year till now from all approved projects the municipality has actuality received 770 000 levs. In fact the municipality has many approved projects, some of them are waiting for financing and at the moment they are temporally stopped for one reason or another. However, this is not a reason for the municipality to abandon developing new projects. Projects are the only alternative for the small municipalities, if they have the ambition to overcome the crisis.

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