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Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC)
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 00:00

     In searching of the common past

   On 29 September this year Dve Mogili Municipality signed a contract under the "Cross-Border Cooperation” Programme with the Executive Office of cross-border cooperation in Kalarash Municipality on the Project "Organization of historical re-enactments by the students from the cross-border municipalities Dve Mogili and Kalarash and presenting performances to the public. The project will cost EUR 226,000.  Guided by the belief that acquaintance of the border region with its geographical, structural, economic, socio-cultural and historic conditions is a bridge for the ordinary citizens and all other matters, Dve Mogili Municipality asked for the partnership of Kalarash Municipality and the project is already a reality. Not every community in Bulgaria has a ballet or theater, but every community has an unique history or it is part of the history with potential to transform it into a center of regional tourism campaign. That is what exactly the activities included in the project aim: re-creation of the four stages from the development of our and the Romanian history by animated performances - 4 performances for each municipality which is a partner in the project. For their realization there will have experts with acting skills engaged to help 100 students - 50 from each town, to acquire theatrical skills and to knowledge for their ancestors and their way of life. The project duration is 12 months. For each historical period there will be made authentic costumes, scenery and objects of everyday life that are typical for the respective historical period in the spirit of the period that will be re-created. Dve Mogili Municipality aims to increase the presence of the Tourism field in the local economy as a prerequisite for improving the prosperity of its citizens.

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Project “Modern and Effective Administration in the municipality of Dve Mogili”. Contract А 09-31-38С/12.06.2009
Тhis project is being implemented with the financial support of Administrative Capacity Operational Programme, co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund.
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