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Center for Information and Services to Citizens

     Working time: Monday–Friday 8:00–17:00

     In case in the administrative offices there are citizens using the administrative services at the end of the announced working time, the unit continues serving them, but not longer than two astronomical hours after the announced time.

     Tel.: +3598141/ central 20-06

     Administration and Administrative Services - Municipal Property, Trade and Tourism, Agriculture and Ecology - extention number 135,

     Administrative Services Civic Status - extention number 137

     Local Taxes and Fees - extention number 136

     Administrative Services Territorial Development and Spatial Planning and Cadastre - extention number 129

     Dve Mogili Municipality’s management is focused on determination, keeping and meeting the requirements of the citizens and legal persons using the administrative services.

     One of the priorities and main activities of the municipal administration of Dve Mogili Municipality has been and still is improving the administrative services to citizens and businesses and making them easy to use.

     For the realization of these priorities and main activities a Center for Information and Services to Citizens was opened at the beginning of April 2008. It is on the ground floor of the administrative building of the municipality, easily accessible to citizens and businesses and also to people with disabilities. This makes possible all citizens in the municipality to be served. There are qualified and experienced specialists working in it. The center provides 111 administrative services. It has 3 working positions. The administration staff performs all administrative services and gives information about them. Behind one of the desks citizens give in applications together with all necessary documents and after that get ready documents from there. All working places in the Center for Information and Services to Citizens are equipped with modern computers and specialized software. There is developed mechanism for electronic submission of documents for receipt of administrative services. The number of customers that have been served increases.

     The project "Modern and Effective Administration in the Municipality of Dve Mogili" under Adminitrative Capacity Operational Programme, co-funded by the EU through the ESF, will be realized by 12 December 2010. As a result, а WEB module for modernizing and integrating e-services has been developed and introduced, enabling the applicant - citizen or company to submit their documents through the website of Dve Mogili Municipality. But these electronic services will be available after updating the website is completed also according to this project.

     Since the beginning of May 2009, experts of the administrative services unit and mayoralties direct their efforts toward improving their work with the current functioning integrated filing system for documents submission.

     There is an information board available to citizens that gives information about the current announcements and resolutions of the Municipal Council of Dve Mogili Municipality, as well as brochures about all done services, required documents and fees that are collected.

     The orientation of the services provided to citizens and businesses leads to:

  • Participation in the democratic process by providing conditions for greater public access to information electronically.
  • Performing public control over the Executive by ensuring transparency of the public administration activities and opportunities for feedback.
  • Improving the quality of communication between citizens, business and employees through continuous exchange of knowledge, increasing the level of competence, technological and administrative culture.
  • Reducing time, efforts and costs of finding and access to personal and public data by inquiries in the registers and automated information systems of public administration.
  • Reducing time, efforts and costs of the administrative services by electronic exchange of documents and other information between citizens, business and administration.
  • Reducing time, efforts and costs to citizens and business by providing integrated administrative services electronically.


  • Relieves requirements on the regulating regimes of the business.
  • Reduces bureaucratic procedures.
  • Reduces time and costs of the implementation.
  • Increases efficiency of the administrations' work.
  • Creates conveniences to business.

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Project “Modern and Effective Administration in the municipality of Dve Mogili”. Contract А 09-31-38С/12.06.2009
Тhis project is being implemented with the financial support of Administrative Capacity Operational Programme, co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund.
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