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Coat of arms and flag


      The flag of Dve Mogili Municipality is a first-rate symbol expressing the municipality's self-government and its specific democratic principles. It is also its distinctive mark.

      The flag is rectangular and has three colors: a dark green background, two light green stripes that come down diagonally and cross. Each of them is 10 sm wide. There is a golden stripe at its edges, which is 5 sm wide.

      The flag symbolizes life and expresses youth, happiness, birth and regeneration of life.

      In the middle of the flag is depicted the coat of arms of the Municipality.

      The coat of arms of Dve Mogili Municipality is a symbol expressing its identity and also the connection between traditions, Past and Present.

      The coat of arms of Dve Mogili Municipality has the shape of a shield with three-coloured band in the upper part with the caption "Dve Mogili". It contains the following symbols:

  • 1. Lion - symbolizing the power of Bulgaria.
  • 2. Two mounds – they gave the name of the town.
  • 3. Philip Totyu's monument – a national hero, who lived and died in the town of Dve Mogili.
  • 4. The building of the Community centre - symbolizing cultural heritage and traditions of the town.
  • 5. Orlova Chuka Cave - a national tourist sight.

The colour image of the coat of arms includes:

  • 1. Blue, which symbolizes: truth, wisdom, eternity, loyalty.
  • 2. Red, which symbolizes: purity, power, justice, happiness.
  • 3. Gold which symbolizes: the Sun, light, intellect, faith and goodness.

The coat of arms of Dve Mogili Municipality was adopted by the Municipal Council with Resolution № 180 of 21 September 1994.


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